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Choosing the right contractor is pivotal in the outcome of your new home build. Knowledge and expertise are key ingredients, as are communication and overall fit. Plus, you want to work with people who are honest, respectful, and proactive— especially with the single most important investment you own and the place you call home.

Springdale Custom Home Builder

When choosing a custom home builder, there are few tips to keep in mind:

Ensure the contractor has performed work of similar scope and scale

View other projects and talk to prior clients.

Meet face to face. It will help you develop a comfort level that you can’t get from emails, texts, and phone calls.

Request a current Arkansas Residential Builder Contractor’s License.

Ask to see worker’s compensation and general liability insurance certificates.

Secure multiple bids.

Ensure all estimates are broken down with the same level of detail, for ease of comparison.

Consider financing, payment schedules, and draws; explore fee structures and cost-plus options to determine what’s best for your particular project.

Actively solicit recommendations from friends you trust.

Custom Home Builder

Springdale General Contractor

Most of all, we recommend evaluating prospective contractors as you go through the bidding process. Do you get a sense that the builder is thorough? Responsive? Operating with integrity? Listen to your gut and make lists of questions. The right contractor anticipates that you don’t have all the answers and will be patient in developing a relationship with you before inking a contract and breaking ground.

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